How to access to Futaba-Chiryouin

~For patients coming from overseas ~

 Using A Car is best Method to access Our Clinic 

Our Clinic is in Yatomi-City near Kuwana-City

Our Clinic is near Yatomi-IC on Wangan High Way 




Nabeta-chou Inayama 393-83

Yatomi-City Aichi-Pref



In Japanease

498-0068 愛知県弥富市鍋田町稲山393-83


Using Taxi is best selection

Please show the following Japanease address to the taxi driver.

So he understand and take you to our clinic



498-0068 愛知県弥富市鍋田町稲山393-83




~About access to our hospital~~


 access by car is convenient.


Many patients come from Kisomisaki Town, Aisai City, Tsushima City, Ama City, Tobishima Village, and Kanie Town. In addition, it is very close to the Yatomi IC on the Isewangan Road (second Meishin), so if you are coming from Nakagawa Ward, Minato Ward, Midori Ward, Minami Ward, Tokai City, Ichinomiya, Yokkaichi, or Inazawa City, you can access by expressway. Convenient. If you get lost nearby, please call us. 090-5457-2735. 



*There are two municipal buses, both of which can be used from the north exit of Kintetsu Yatomi Station. Both ① and ② are 200 yen one way.


(1) Yatomi Municipal Welfare Bus (Kinchan Bus)

             Kintetsu Yatomi Station ⇔ In front of Yabeta Public Hall (150m to our hospital)

②Kisosaki Town Welfare Bus

             Kintetsu Yatomi Station ⇔ Fujisato (1.5km to our clinic)